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Episode 35 - Khyati Trehan - R&D

Episode 35 - Khyati Trehan - R&D

Unpacking hobbies, non-hobbies, experiments, and work-life-balance with the prolific globe-trotting designer.

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Hey Everybody! We are back for our first episode of 2024! In January we sat down with multi-hyphenate design chameleon Khyati Trehan. She opened up about all things living-while-designing, including how she doesn’t have hobbies, but is slowly realizing that they could help. She also explained how her passion for her work runs through all her activities, and how she juggles (or struggles to juggle) a strong personal output with esteemed positions at Google and IDEO.

Khyati’s wide-ranging career(s) have brought her around the world, from Ahmedabad to San Jose to New Delhi to Berlin to Munich to New York City, where for the past year she has resided. Khyati shares how her genuine love of work and her passion to learn new things keeps her attached at the hip to her laptop, exploring the ongoing question of what a healthy relationship to work is. She describes how she very uniquely blends her experiments in her personal work with professional projects that have more specific briefs. It all melds seamlessly together, informing the other and vice versa.

But she’s also realizing that spending all one’s time working isn’t always the best for the mind and body.

We were happy to have the space to unpack these thoughts with Khyati, to talk about burnout and self doubt, and also to give weight to the challenges she’s faced asserting herself as a woman designer.

We are really happy to share this conversation! Thanks so much for chatting with us, Khyati!

We have several more coming down the pipeline. Always appreciate the support! Stay tuned for new updates and new episodes soon.

With Love,

Drew and James

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