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Graphic Support Group Podcast
Episode 33 - Team Thursday - Rhythm

Episode 33 - Team Thursday - Rhythm

We speak with the Dutch Duo about collaboration, exploration, intention setting, and experimentation in the face of changes like motherhood and geographic leaps

After much delay we are here with a new episode of Graphic Support Group. Spring has sprung, and we are back in motion!

We apologize for the inconsistency in our output of late, as even support groups could use support groups, and we’ve both been overwhelmed with life changes, work changes, and all sorts of general anxiety-inducing contexts on our ends. But fear not! We are doing great and we are here! Times are exciting even when lots is going on, and we have wrangled our collected energy and pushed through to bring you a lovely conversation with Rotterdam based Design Duo, Team Thursday. And what better day to bring you this episode than its titular day of the week.

Team Thursday is the collaborative practice of Loes van Esch and Simone Trum. They create whimsical, exuberant formal experiments rooted in rigorous classic Graphic Design practices with many twists. Their particular style is at once familiar and completely their own.

We had a great time dissecting what led them to this method of working, how they find themselves in the particular rhythms that yield these positive outcomes, and how life changes, from motherhood to time away from client work to fellowships all over the world have afforded them lots of shifting perspectives which add to the depth and appreciation for their special practice.

Thank you so much for speaking with us, Loes and Simone! You rule.

As a side note, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you like the podcast. Your support makes all the difference to us, and the knowledge that our audience appreciates the work we do makes us very happy to continue bringing you more! We may not respond right away, but we listen and read every message and will incorporate any calls or messages you would like addressed into our next shows.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you! We love you.

James and Drew

Graphic Support Group Podcast
Graphic Support Group Podcast
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