Sep 7, 2022 • 56M

Episode 28 - Phillip Kim - Methodologies

LA-based Korean designer Phillip Kim walks us through his creative methodologies, explains his process, and reminds us that life is always better with laughter.

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Join James Chae and Drew Litowitz as they talk to a cadre of amazing Graphic Designers and hack away at past traumas, spiritual mantras, PSDs, PTSD, and inner peace.
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We sat down with Phillip Kim, the LA-based Korean designer who's confident, effortless typography and form-making defies rules for both small and large clients alike. We talked to him about his recent struggles with anxiety and stress, and how he's struck a balance with his life through a recent move to LA. Kim actively engages clients and takes bold risks on all of his projects, so we were pleased to learn the methodologies behind his work, and how he strives to bring clients along for a wild but collaborative creative ride.