Jun 14, 2022 • 1HR 25M

Episode 26 - Amy Fortunato - Context

We sat down with designer and educator Amy Fortunato about her background as a Korean American adoptee, her design studies in Korea, and her teaching philosophy and experiences.

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Now residing and working in New York City, Amy Fortunato grew up and spent most of her life in Southern California, after she was adopted from Korea as a young child. Amy sat down with us to patiently recount her personal story, dissect her relationship to her identity, talk about her career working with Lorraine Wild’s Green Dragon Studio, and to discuss her evolving relationship with Korea—where she eventually went on to pursue masters studies in Design. We shared a lovely, intimate conversation about how it all informs her design practice, teaching career, and approach to life. Perpetually humble and insightful, Fortunato’s calm strength emerges as a unique force of nature. Please enjoy this special episode and thank you, Amy for your time and generosity.