Apr 7, 2022 • 1HR 53M

Episode 23 - Eike König - It's About People

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Join James Chae and Drew Litowitz as they talk to a cadre of amazing Graphic Designers and hack away at past traumas, spiritual mantras, PSDs, PTSD, and inner peace. graphicsupportgroup.substack.com
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Welcome back for a new season of GSG! We are beyond thrilled to kick off a new season by sharing our chat with the one and only Eike König of Berlin’s HORT studio. A true inspiration, Eike gave us a lot to think about over the course of our abundant conversation. He shared so much of himself, talking about his community, his own battles with depression, his background in competitive gymnastics and how it impacted his ideas of discipline, and how he has attempted to challenge the rules and ideas of graphic design from his studio’s early beginnings, all with a cast of ever-revolving collaborators. Unlike our other episodes, we offer this one up nearly unedited (minus some technical difficulties). Trust us, it’s. worth the listen.

Thanks again for listening and thank you Eike!